Milk It Yourself Chocolate Almond Milk Kit



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YOU CAN MILK YOUR NUTS... conveniently at home with our handy nutmilk kits! All you need is water and a bowl.

In the kit, you get

  • one jar for soaking and storing
  • one Nut-Milking-Bag (a.k.a. Nut Sack)
  • our delicious blended nut milk mix
  • serving size is 24 ounces

Just clean your nut sack with hot water and detergent and you’re ready to use again!


THIS MIX contains Almonds, Dates, Figs, Organic Cocoa Powder (non-alkaline) and Sea salt


STEP ONE – Soak nut mix for about 1-8 hours in Jar in Fridge (You can make it instantly but the longer you soak it, the more creamy it will be)

STEP TWO – Pour into nutmilk bag over a large bowl and strain (milk those nuts)

STEP THREE – Serve or store in jar in fridge

Here you have fresh NUT Milk, good for up to 5 days.


If you’re not going to use right away, store the nut milk kit in your fridge until you’re ready. and use within 1 month of purchase